Let Me Ask You A Very Simple Question...
Such A Simple Question... Yet Many Don't Have The Answers For It...
Imagine Yourself Being Happy and Successful...
And Loving Every Minute of It...

Would You Want It?

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World's #1 wisdom coach reveals...
The 5 Secrets to
Happiness and Success
  • ​Discover how you can utilize your brain power into creating your daily dose of contentment with every action you make.
  • ​Get closer to your goals in simple and guaranteed methods that require no more than your incredible self.
  • ​Fend off the negativities that spoil your progress and lengthens the process of manifesting the life you want.
  • ​Be wiser with how you overcome the obstacles that come your way and use them instead as life lessons than drawbacks.
  • ​Learn to appreciate the life and the opportunities you have and how you can share these to the people around you.

9 Essential Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires
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What Past Clients Say About Vikas Malkani
"Vikas, I love who you are and what you do!"

Jack Canfield
America's #1 Success Coach & Bestselling author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul"
"Vikas is going to be bigger than Deepak Chopra. He is very phenomenal, very powerful."

JT Foxx
World’s #1 Wealth Coach
"I now realize that the greatest gift that you can give yourself is meditation"

I would like to thank Vikas for his inspirational and energizing teachings. I am very grateful and happy that life brought me to this amazing master of wisdom and wonderful human being when I just needed it the most.

Goran Musulin, HR Director (Asia & Australia)
Siemens Healthcare Singapore
"I just wanted to say thank you for your meditation class"

I actually think that it has been life-changing for me. I am generally much happier now & focus on the positives in life which has led to a different approach to work, more work-life balance and no more sleepless nights.

Liz Fendt, British
Who Is Vikas Malkani
Vikas Malkani is the founder of SoulCentre, Asia’s Premier Personal Development Centre, a place where people can learn how to create their own success and happiness. Defining himself as an expert through experience, he revolutionized the concept of personal development in a totally uncomplicated way just as how he discovered them himself.
Vikas has been called the Worlds #1 Wisdom Coach, the Steve Jobs of the spiritual world, a genius of wisdom, the Ultimate Yoda and a Jedi Master. If you merge the best of Deepak Chopra with the best of Anthony Robbins, you get Vikas.
Today, he is coaching people from well-known personalities to professionals into using everything they have to pull out all the stops.

An inspirational speaker and bestselling author, Vikas has shared platforms with legends like John Travolta, Vice President Al Gore, Mark Wahlberg, Hugh Hilton, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Sharon Stone, Gene Simmons, Steve Wozniak, Deepak Chopra, Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales and David ‘Hitman’ Foster. 

One thing he can tell you right now:
Everything is disposable except for determination.

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