Do you want to be the 3% that succeed...
Or the 97% that fails?

Let me get you into the 3% club!

I'm in the top 3% of people on our planet, those who live with inner success & inner happiness, and i can show you how to get there too!
If you are ready to GROW YOUR LIFE and
Read on to find out what it takes.
Everyone dreams of success.
Success in career, in love, in every aspect of life.
But there's no guarantee on these things.
Life does not assure anyone of Success or Happiness.

You've probably felt the pain of disappointment and failure.
No one can avoid that.
But you've probably also seen people getting off easy with life's inconveniences.
They jump through hurdles effortlessly.

And then there's you.

You are trying as hard as everyone else to Succeed and have Freedom and Joy in life.
But it feels like the universe puts you down every chance it gets.
Because of that, you've felt low and depressed many times.
Sometimes, you can't even catch a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel.

Is the world telling you to give up?
Or should you continue to defy all odds?
Are you really destined to be miserable all your life?

I'm telling you right now that the answer is NO.
You are actually destined to enjoy a life of Happiness, Success and Significance.
But it hasn't happened so far, because you have been doing something wrong.

You'll be shocked when you find out the reason why.
You don't deserve the unhappiness and disappointment that come in your life. But
life can at times deal you cards that put you at a disadvantage. As they say, "That's
life!" It certainly is.

Because in reality, life can take control of you.
The truth is - there are two things you need to know: Sometimes you make life.
But sometimes, life makes you.
What you need to learn is the perfect balance between the two. And to achieve the perfect balance is completely possible. If you know how.

We'll get to that in a minute. But let's go back to the very beginning. Of why you are not enjoying the success and happiness that you thought you were supposed to have.

You see, some people start off their life on the wrong foot. From dysfunctional families to financial crisis, life can get off to a bad start.
And some people even have their life come crashing down in their 20s, 30s, or even 50s. Life is truly unpredictable.

Whether you've had a bad childhood or your life hit a dead end when you're already an adult, the negativity can become a vicious cycle.
The thing is, you accepted what happened, and soon your subconscious mind learned to use them as an excuse as to why life is the way it is.
What happened became your reality. And so, the cycle continued.

It's the reason why you can't land a job... Why your new ventures never succeed... Why you have commitment issues... And just why life sucks for you as a whole.

You are then confronted with the hard-hitting truth: The past is not the problem. But it's how you chose to dwell in it.

You have bad memories from the past. Feelings of unhappiness. Of failure. Of times when trying ends up as nothing. All you can do is complain. But complaining will do you nothing.

Because you can no longer change the past.
But there is one thing you can do. And that is to take control of your present.
That's what this series is all about.

I will not teach you any magic tricks to grant you the perfect life. Because there are none!
Nor will I show you a secret map that will lead to instant success. Because there is no such map!

Instead, I will help you take control of your present. And when you do that with the methods that I show you, you will create and enjoy a life filled with Wisdom & Wealth
Hi, my name is Vikas
The founder of SoulCentre, Asia's Premier Personal Development Centre, a place where people from all over the world come to learn how to create their own success and happiness.

I have been coaching people from famous personalities to business professionals to put out all the stops of life and enjoy the Success and Wealth they desire & deserve, together with happiness & Fulfilment.

The world calls me 'The #1 Wisdom & Wealth Coach' and my high net worth clients call me `The Steve Jobs of Wisdom'

I coach people to create and enjoy the life and business they desire and dream of. I show them how to have the best of both worlds, how to live from inner wisdom and manifest a life of outer wealth and success. I show individuals and companies, around the world, how to use Wisdom to Win the Game of Life and Business.

Despite my massive success today, I want you to see me not as a faultless coach who has never tasted failure, but instead, picture me as one of you — learning and growing in life as I take each step.

I am not an expert at everything, but I have mastered the skill to get myself and other people to unleash the very best version of themselves by utilizing their existing resources and being who they naturally are, including all our weaknesses and flaws.

You see, wealth is never the endgame for anyone, because if we don't enjoy happiness and good relationships along the way, it's just a massive failure of life! And the secret to create massive success and wealth, and also enjoy everyday of your life, regardless of the challenges it brings, is possible only when you have a big bank account of wisdom inside you.

Here's the truth -
Wealth without Wisdom is Failure.
Wisdom without Wealth is Frustration. A full life has both of these in equal measure - wealth on the outside and wisdom on the inside.

Let's create a life of Wealth & Wisdom. And let's get rid of Failure & Frustration!

Let me get you into the 3% club! The top 3% of people on our planet, those who live with outer success & inner happiness,

If that interests you, I'm your Coach!

Because that is exactly the life, I'm here to coach you to enjoy.
I'm sure you've often blamed life for getting in the way of success and happiness. What you want and what life gives you can be two different things.
The truth is - Life will go up and down whether you like it or not.

Life can put you at a disadvantage at times, but you have the power to turn things around.
That's why you need to act fast in taking charge of your present.

In life, no one gets off without paying a price.
Success is never an accident. It's always created due to certain reasons and actions.
But some of us just know the easy ways of doing things.

Even the most successful had to go through hardships and challenges. It may not look like that now but they did. At some point if their lives, they were in the exact same position as you are now.

And then they found a better way, and today they are successful and enjoying the abundance they have created, for themselves and others too.

You might be thinking right now that they have luck on their side. But later you will learn that luck does not exist after all.
It's not like you haven't done anything to change your life before. I know you've tried hard.

You've stocked your shelves with self-help books. You even signed up for online courses about personal development. But to no avail. They didn't work!
You're still stuck in a pitfall.
I will tell you what's the problem with other courses and books about personal development...
They often make you think and feel that YOU are the problem.
They needlessly tear you down and point fingers at you as if you're to blame.
They make you feel bad then expect you to learn something from them.
They use the idealized concept of tough love then wonder why you still can't love yourself in the end.

I just don't agree! Honestly, I don't get their concept.

What's the point of them helping you in the first place then?
You've had enough negativity already.
You don't need people to push you down further.

Not everyone conquers life the same way.
Some face their challenges head on.
Some people simply have to shed some tears and accept whatever life brings.
Both are natural and acceptable reactions.

But I'm here to tell you - You don't have to leave it at that.
You can IMPROVE.
You can CHANGE.
It's not worked for you before, because you have been using the wrong methods, the wrong systems.
It's not about your effort, it's about what you were putting your effort into.

Growth and Success is absolutely possible for you.
And with "Life Wisdom Matrix" program, your success is going to happen for you, even faster than you can believe.

Other self-proclaimed mentors take the words "self-help" literally.
They leave you to do all the work.
They expect you to provide yourself the help you ask of them. That's why they fail.

Well, because, they can't help you!

They supposed you can do it.
You can. But not just yet.
Instead of guiding, they leave you more confused than before.
They don't teach you the truth - That life is imperfect but it doesn't necessarily mean that it's a bad life. 

Life may not be smooth-sailing for you but that doesn't mean you already ran out of choices.

And that's what I seek to help you with.
And that's what I seek to help you with.

Because I want to show you how to become a part of the 3% club! The top 3% of people on our planet, those who live with outer success & inner happiness,
Over the years, I have coached all kinds of people.

From Super Successful CEOs to Famous Celebrities, even those of blue blood.

Those who the world thinks have it all also need to grow their life non-stop.

So, what makes you think you're an exception?

I've worked with global companies too.

Coaching their team members to utilize their individuality for the whole company.

I have been hailed as the world's #1 wisdom coach, and I am an international award-winning speaker, and best-selling author.

All because I have the guts to motivate people to do the unthinkable.

All because I changed my own life, I started from nothing and created massive success and significance, using exactly the same wisdom strategies I want to coach you with.

Life is what you make it to be.

Together, lets create a life that's full of happiness, success and significance - a life that you desire and dream of, a life full of inner wisdom and outer wealth.
"Vikas, I love who you are and what you do!"
Jack Canfield - America's #1 Success Coach & Bestselling author of "Chicken Soup for the
"Vikas, is going to be bigger than Deepak Chopra. He is very phenomenal, very powerful."
JT Foxx, World's #1 Wealth Coach
"I now realize that the greatest gift that you can give yourself is wisdom."
Goran Musulin, HR Director (Asia & Australia) Siemens Healthcare Singapore
The secret to transforming life is in YOUR hands.
You cannot change the past but you can and will change the present.

When that happens, you attract better possibilities for your future. A fruitful future where everything you wish and hope for will begin to happen.
And if you're still not convinced with everything I said, I will make it clear again.
And the power to bring about these changes is in your hands
It's time you learn HOW to do it the right way.
Its time you delete the STRUGGLE and install the SUCCESS.
It is not life you need to change. What you need to change is the WAY you see life.
And when you change that, life will stop knocking you down anymore.
In fact, it will open up its abundance to you in ways you cannot even imagine.
Now, and in the future.
The "Life Wisdom Matrix".
A wisdom coaching program that will completely change the way you look at life and the results you produce.
And I want to share secrets from this amazing life-transforming training with you.
So even you who are thousands of miles away from me can get the help — the right help — you need.

In this program, you will learn something truly remarkable about life, and more so, about yourself.

You don't need to look back to the so-called mentors who couldn't help you. You don't have to dish out money on books and courses that take you back to the starting line.
Here, you will get the words of wisdom and encouragement you've been needing for so long. Here, you will receive the keys that will unlock the doors of Success, Happiness and Wealth for you.
The true help that you have been looking for so that you can lift yourself through the tough times.

You will discover how to put the negative experiences to good use in transforming your life. You will see that there is no point in hating the bad things as it does more damage than the "damage" you think you are already dealing with.
The 'Secrets from the Life Wisdom Matrix' digital
program is specifically made to help you overturn the
parts of your life that are not doing you any good. Here
you will lean how to get them to work for you, rather than
against you!
When you come face to face with life's biggest challenges — whether you're a fresh graduate or dealing with midlife crisis — you will now be prepared. What you will learn here is knowledge that will see you through at any point of your life, and empower you to sail smoothly through any kind of obstacles you go through.

You need help, not from me, but from yourself. I am just here to make you realize that you have to push your limits over and over again until you reach your goals.
We're talking about making things convenient here, that's why this training series is released in digital format. It's the same unique wisdom strategies and systems that I've been training famous celebrities and award-winning entrepreneurs with, and now I'm sharing it with you in a convenient method by putting it online for the first time ever!
So, you can watch it anywhere and anytime you need, to strengthen yourself with the support and strategies you need to turn your life around.
Here, you will learn the following:
- Instead of fighting life, you will learn how to embrace it, and from there, work on how you can use what you have to leverage your actions so that every effort you make produces maximum results for you to enjoy.
The process of creating a strong self-confidence, which is the #1
Accepting the real you will also show you what needs to be dealt with. With that, every problem that comes to the surface is not something that halts your success. In fact, it actually propels your success to a higher pace.
- You must identify and detach from ideas and habits that cause more problems. You have to learn how to create and enjoy the many material gifts of life without getting attached to any of them. This is the way to a life of enjoyment and freedom.
- It is never too late to start creating the life you want. When you have the vision, all you need to do is plan for the mission that will give you your desired results.
- Training your mind to be positive no matter what life gives, gifts yourself the valuable gift of self-motivation to withstand any challenge. When you make the most of every little moment that you experience, you learn to be happy and when you are happy you perform at your best and therefore create more successful results in your life.
- Get rid of the confusion in your heart and mind, and finally get to a point of crystal-clear clarity. This will build an inner foundation that will keep you strong and steady as you create more and more success in your life.
- Learning the art of loving yourself and loving life, even when you're at the most difficult times of your life. This ability to stay resilient and keep progressing towards your goals is a substantial asset for anyone. It is something that will see you through for a lifetime.
- You have the power over your life, and no one else has the outright control to interfere with your life for the long-term. When you take responsibility and action, you can conveniently steer the car of your life to your desired destination.
 The present unlocks the future. Focusing on the present allows you to get free from the pains and trauma of the past. Instead of dwelling in the failures and mistakes of the past, you must concentrate on your current situation because that will be the one to define your future.
- You don't attract good luck or karma, rather you make it. From now on, you will be living your life in the way that creates massive good karma, which then brings you wonderful opportunities and possibilities. Living this way brings the Universe on your side and suddenly everything becomes easier. You start to produce bigger results with less effort.
  • Over 4 hours privately recorded video training sessions so that you can discover wisdom and find true happiness ($388)
  • How to Get the Universe On Your Side ($97)
  • Finding and Following Your Inner Voice ($97)
  • How to be Unique and Authentic ($97)
  • The Good Karma Stimulation System ($97)
  • PLUS...
  • ​The Not-For-Sale, Client-Only "Emotions for Success" ($47)
These are not the only things you will discover. There is one more secret that creates a better version of you and that is PATIENCE
If there is one thing that I would agree with other life mentors, it's the fact that there is NO SHORTCUT to instant happiness and success. There are also no foolproof ways for you to be assured that you will not fall down a few times as you take this life-changing journey.

I just happen to know much better options that will empower you to create the SUCCESS and WEALTH you desire, while at the same time they will nourish your LIFE, your MIND and your SOUL.
Your destination will be the one you have chosen, but I will walk the path with you, together with all my experience and expertise, until you get there.

We will walk together, step by step, using the wisdom strategies and systems I show you, all the way to making your goals in life and business a reality.

But I can't change your life alone, you must be fully committed too.

Everything I share with you works!

It worked for me and empowered me to create the massive success I enjoy. It worked for thousands of people around the world who have massively scaled their life and business to the next level.

And it will work for you too, if you make it happen.
So now, it's back to you.
Do you want to stay the way you are forever or should you take the risk to rise to the next level?

Do you want to continue spending an entire lifetime figuring out how will you change the course of things, or do you want to be coached by the best?

Do you want to become a part of the 3% club? The top 3% of people on our planet, those who live with outer success & inner happiness,

Your dreams are right here whispering in your ear to take the leap.

Really, you don't need to wait for a signal. Because life doesn't wait for anyone.

It's either you pick up the pace now or get left behind...again.

Why would you let that happen once more when you are now given the perfect opportunity?
This course packs everything you need to know so you can lead your life for the better using techniques and strategies that are simple, effective, proven, and will not make you feel like getting your life back  on track has an expiration date.
You still have your whole life ahead of you. You are just going to use it in much more meaningful ways from now on.
And it will only take you less than 24 hours to know all the secrets of starting and living a life that is fulfilling and successful.
  • ​   This series is conveniently divided into over 64+ lessons for you, all chunked up into easily digestible bite-size videos. Every core topic is covered extensively so you can understand everything without pressure.
But perhaps the best part is that unlike any other programs about personal development available out there, this series guarantees you it's worth the price tag. I have summarized years of experience and knowledge transforming other people's life into this ONE online training program.
I believe in giving massive value! So even though I will give you 64-modules, you are NOT GOING TO INVEST $1,997 or $997. I am going to make this super affordable just to cover some of my team's cost.
You've tried working with the so-called experts and coaches out there for years and all it did was burn a hole in your pocket and left your progress to nothing. You've probably already spent thousands on that!
  • ​   This gives you the opportunity to be at your safest place — your home. You can learn and apply these life lessons as you go about your daily routine. That takes away the stress and allows you to focus on working on yourself.
To sweeten the deals, I will also be including the following bonuses, IF you take action TODAY!
Emotions are already a part of human nature. But how much do you really know about emotions? What are emotions? What are their elements? What are the most common types of emotions?

This powerful tool will provide you with everything you need to know to be a success and achieve your goal of getting your emotions to a successful place. With this exclusive tool, it will walk you, step by step, through the exact process we developed to help people get all the info they need to be a success.
  • Emotion Basics
  • ​Evaluate your emotions
  • ​Understand where your emotions come from
  • ​Note your surroundings and circumstances
  • ​ Brainstorm other responses,
  • ​And so much more!
SO... Let Me Recap SOME Key Items That You Will Be Getting...
  • Over 4 hours privately recorded video training sessions so that you can discover wisdom and find true happiness ($388)
  • How to Get the Universe On Your Side ($97)
  • Finding and Following Your Inner Voice ($97)
  • How to be Unique and Authentic ($97)
  • The Good Karma Stimulation System ($97)
  • PLUS...
  • ​The Not-For-Sale, Client-Only "Emotions for Success" ($47)
ONLY $47!
So why make that choice again when you can make a ONE-TIME payment of $47!

That will only cost you a fraction of years' worth of coaching sessions that can be as much as $400 per session! And I am telling you this right now: YOU ARE WORTH THE INVESTMENT.

It's not always from material things that your success, happiness, and fulfillment can come from. Those three can come from the new version of you!

I want to bring you both inner and outer success. I want you to enjoy a life of inner happiness and outer success and I will empower you with strategies and systems to do that. As long as you stay open to all that you will learn in this training, and implement it after that, it will only take you weeks to jump-start revolutionizing your life. Give it more time and you will find yourself feeling amazed with the changes and progress you are making.

In no time, your life will turn around and you will realize that you are no longer trapped in the throes of unhappiness and failure. In fact, you will be on the fast train to living the life only 3% of mankind enjoys - a life of wealth and wisdom.

You have delayed your life enough.

You have delayed your dreams enough.

Your time in NOW and you should not wait any longer before you take the first step.

And why would you even hesitate when you can get it at a discount!
Become the better you and live a better life or GET YOUR MONEY BACK.

Be the next one to share how their life was changed by getting the 'Secrets of the Life Wisdom Matrix' from Vikas
"Vikas, is inspirational and has a knack of driving home powerful pointers."
Ruth Chua, MD, Gaia Yoga Center, Singapore
"I highly recommended Vikas as he brings benefit to both the individual and the organization."
Etienne Szivo, EVP Global Sales & Head of GCM, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics
"I am so much happier and very much looking forward to life."
Wendy Payne, British
Just like these people, you can be on your way to living the life you have
always wanted. This series will teach you how to do that and more...
  • ​  how success and happiness are not things that the world hand over to you on a silver platter
  • ​  you will discover that wisdom is the secret sauce that makes success and wealth easy. Without wisdom life is a constant struggle
  • ​  you are everything that you need and you have all the resources need for your journey to inner and outer success.
You've had enough of letting yourself be taken over by fear and grief and now, you are finally given the perfect opportunity to leave it all behind and embark on a journey towards a new you.
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
This is the first challenge for you - to finally trust your own gut —the one that has been screaming inside your head to fight for the things you want and go after the things you deserve.

Do you believe in your dreams more than your fears?

Do you desire your dreams more than your fears keep you away from it.

Are you finally willing to take the action to start creating the life you deserve?

Because I will always cheer for you but you have to start cheering for yourself too.

This is the right time.

Trust this wonderful opportunity that is shining on you right at this very moment.

Today is the day to take your first step.
You hold the pen to write the next chapters of your life so you can end the story with a conclusion of
success and happiness.

I am looking forward to hearing your success story and seeing you living a happy and fulfilled life with
wisdom beyond doubt.
-    Vikas, The Wisdom & Wealth Coach
You know that you are not meant to spend your life in regret.

It's time to stop being afraid of living your best life.

This course makes learning how to live a life of happiness and success as easy as it possibly can get
Save the immense time wasted on fruitless internet searches, free events and coaching sessions and hours spent on reading aimless self-help books that drive you more into confusion and self-doubt.
  • ​  Save thousands of dollars of you going back and forth for the same old reasons. Save days and months that you will waste searching for the next dream coach or miracle worker.
  • ​  This series is something that you can watch at the comfort of your home, learn by yourself, and apply to your daily life. You have the luxury to repeat the lessons included in this series whenever you feel like.
  • ​  With the application of Vikas's strategies and techniques, you will be building the foundation of a new life. You are guaranteed to soar over your past disappointments and failures, and instead to start creating a life you can enjoy and celebrate every day.
  • ​  This coaching will empower you to create and enjoy inner happiness and outer success, so that you have a life full of wisdom and wealth. There is a tremendous gratification when you invest in yourself to become a better person every single day.
If You Skipped Over My Letter Above, Let Me Just Recap Briefly What You Will Be Getting...
  • Over 4 hours privately recorded video training sessions so that you can discover wisdom and find true happiness ($388)
  • How to Get the Universe On Your Side ($97)
  • Finding and Following Your Inner Voice ($97)
  • How to be Unique and Authentic ($97)
  • The Good Karma Stimulation System ($97)
  • PLUS...
  • ​The Not-For-Sale, Client-Only "Emotions for Success" ($47)
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